Euronext Dublin go-live 4th February 2019

EuroCCP is pleased to announce that Euronext Dublin has received regulatory approval to go live with EuroCCP as their Sole CCP for transactions executed on Euronext Dublin. Go-live is planned for trade date 4 February 2019.

Existing clients active on the Irish Stock Exchange, as well as new clients have successfully completed the documentation and mandatory testing in preparation for the go live.

In the Irish market, the post-trade process provides for reporting transactions as ‘Agency’ or ‘Principal’ capacity.  Please note that by default EuroCCP will convert all transactions executed with the AOTC-capacity as ‘Agency’. It is possible to amend the static data set-up to convert the transactions in an AOTC-capacity to ‘Principal’ if required. In order to change the default set-up option, please contact EuroCCP’s Client Services team.

If you would like more information on becoming active on Euronext Dublin please see our latest Newsflash distributed on 4 January 2019.

Euronext Dublin – Client Readiness & Go-live

Following previous Newsflashes regarding preparation for EuroCCP clearing Euronext Dublin as sole CCP, EuroCCP, EUI and Euronext would like to inform clients that they must complete the following actions by the deadline 18 January 2019, or risk not being activated for live date 4 February 2019.

  1. Complete the EuroCCP Crest Static Data Form, and pay particular attention to Appendix 2 which requires clients to populate their respective SAT participant information. The venue MIC codes will change as part of this project and as a result, the following segment MIC codes will be used: XATL, XESM, and XMSM.  

    Crest Static Data Form 272.31 KB 3671 downloads

    Version January 2019 ...
  2. Fully Complete the EuroCCP SoA for Euronext Dublin.

Testing with Euronext Dublin, EuroCCP and EUI CSD

EuroCCP would also like to remind clients that “End-to-End” testing will be available to clients between 7 – 18 January 2019.

EuroCCP has agreed with EUI that testing will be limited to the following Security ISIN codes.

IE00BF0L3536                                                                                                    IE0001827041                                                                                                    IE00BYTBXV33                                                                                                        IE00B010DT83                                                                                                          IE00BBR67J55                                                                                                IE00B1RR8406                                                                                                IE0000020408                                                                                                  IE00B1FR8863                                                                                              GB00B9275X97                                                                                              IE0000730808                                                                                                GB0001500809                                                                                              GB0002374006                                                                                            GB0008847096                                                                                            GB00B9275X97                                                                                            GB00BDD1LS57                                                                                              GB00BY7QYJ50                                                                                            GB00BYYN4225                                                                                              GB0031477770                                                                                                GB00BGCC6189                                                                                                IE00BJYS1G50

To arrange testing, we would request that clients:-

  • Complete and return the EUI Testing form as soon as possible to ensure a suitable test slot is allocated – this can be found on EuroCCP’s website on the Euronext Dublin page, and from EUI.
  • Ensure that the testing request clearly states “Euronext Dublin testing” in the form, as this period is available only for Euronext Dublin.
  • Clearing Participants should contact Euronext’s CTSG team, EuroCCP’s Client Services team and EUI’s Client Testing Team to advise of their testing requirements.
  • Clearing Participants should advise Euronext Dublin of the trading participant ID which they wish to test AND provide EuroCCP with a completed “EuroCCP testing form”.
  • Once all test details have been received, EuroCCP will liaise with Euronext Dublin and EUI to ensure test environments are configured accordingly.
  • EuroCCP‘s testing environment is available each business day on a free of charge basis between 9:00-17:00 CET, with reporting available thereafter.

Further details on EuroCCP’s clearing services for Euronext Dublin can be found at EuroCCP’s Euronext Dublin webpage.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.