Changes to SSIs for the Norwegian market

EuroCCP is pleased to advise that the standard settlement instruction (SSI) for the Norwegian market will change as of trade date 27 July 2015.

This change will enable EuroCCP to benefit from the auto-partialling functionality available to other CCPs.

<--break->The following regulations, that can be found in the Documentation Regulations section, will be amended:

  • Regulation Buy-in procedures
  • Regulation Settlements

Clearing Participants are requested to amend their settlement instructions by the above date as follows:

Rec / Del agent: EMCFNL2A (456004900068)
Buyer / Seller: EMCFNL2A
Place of settlement: VPSNNOKK

Information Disclosure on Capital Requirement Regulation (CRR)

The Capital Requirement Regulation (EU 575/2013-CRR) requires EuroCCP to disclose information to allow a Clearing Participant to determine its own funds requirement for its  exposure on EuroCCP.

Accordingly, we are pleased to confirm that, as from 1 July 2014, EuroCCP will provide its Clearing Participants with the required information on a monthly basis.

Further details can be found in the memo Implementation of the Capital Requirement Regulation.

We would be grateful if you could advise us by return of the appropriate point of contact for the provision of this monthly information and look forward to hearing from you in due course.

The CRR is part of the CRD IV framework which transposes the new global standards on bank capital (commonly known as Basel III) in Europe.