Euronext Dublin


Euronext Dublin is the central marketplace for the listing and trading of financial instruments in the Irish market and EuroCCP is pleased to offer clearing, settlement and risk management services for trades executed on Euronext Dublin.

EuroCCP will be the sole CCP  for Euronext Dublin at migration go-live date and will clear shares, equity certificates and exchange traded funds traded on the Main Securities Market (XMSM), the Enterprise Securities Market (XESM) and the Atlantic Securities Market (XATL of Euronext Dublin. EuroCCP maximises the operational and commercial benefits for trading and clearing participants, as all trades cleared by EuroCCP will be fully netted into one net-settlement per ISIN per day.

EuroCCP’s Relationship Management team can provide an assessment of the savings resulting from the consolidation of Euronext Dublin activity with EuroCCP.


To clear trades executed on Euronext Dublin with EuroCCP, a Clearing Participant should:-

  • Firms are required to contact Euronext’s membership department and should complete the appropriate application forms. Further information can be found on the webpage
  • Advise EuroCCP’s Relationship Management team of your intention and implementation plans, so that the necessary arrangements can be made.
  • Complete and return the Euronext Dublin Statement of Authority to

Once the above document and supporting information have been received, EuroCCP will liaise with Euronext Dublin to ensure that Euronext Dublin and EuroCCP’s production systems are configured accordingly.


Once trades executed on Euronext Dublin are cleared by EuroCCP, EuroCCP’s real time, intraday and end of day files will include your Euronext Dublin activity.

During testing, files will be generated and distributed from EuroCCP’s client test environment.


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