Being the most connected CCP in Europe EuroCCP continually reviews the market landscape to see how we can help participants with their operational inefficiencies, that drive liquidity, risk and cost. 

The below documents provide an overview of the new post trade innovations EuroCCP is undertaking to assist its clearing members and advance capital markets in Europe, continuing to provide members with easy access and the ability to maximise operational efficiency.

Clearing the Way Forward with ETFs

EuroCCP is expanding its ETF clearing business and will offer solutions to mitigate against the European post trade challenges, all of which will further assist in the growth of European ETFs.

ETF NAV Processing

EuroCCP is building out functionality to process ETF trades with NAV price amendments. The following document outlines the process and CIF file specifications.

Europe’s Preferred Equity CCP

EuroCCP is the leading CCP in Europe and champions open access through Preferred Clearing, introducing competitive clearing to regulated markets where interoperabiltity is not currently available.

Maximising netting opportunities with the most connected CCP in Europe

See how EuroCCP provides clearing members with easy access and the ability to maximise operational efficiency and netting opportunities across more than 37 trade venues, multilateral trading facilities and trade sources in Europe.