Aquis Exchange Europe (AQEU) extends additional securities on their European venue trade date 12 November 2020

After Aquis Exchange Europe’s (AQEU) initial soft launch in March 2019, where 13 selected securities were made available for trading, EuroCCP is pleased to announce its readiness to activate over 1,000 additional securities to AQEU at close of business on 11th November 2020.
Clearing Participants wishing to start trading on the new platform need to ensure that the following is completed:-

• Statement of Authority fully completed and signed.
• Netting set up agreed.
• Standard Settlement Instructions (SSIs) confirmed.
• Successful testing undertaken.

Further information on membership applications, client testing and transition arrangements can be found at EuroCCP’s EU based venues & Brexit web page.
Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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