Clearing Rule Book Changes

EuroCCP announces that an updated version of its Clearing Rule Book is posted on its website.

On 21 April 2020 EuroCCP published an updated version of its Clearing Rule Book (“CRB”) together with an updated Regulation Trade Refusal and a newly introduced Regulation Liquidity Measures on its website for consultation.

The changes to the CRB were open for consultation for a 30 calendar day consultation period. This period ended on 20 May 2020.

The purpose of the changes is to introduce new tools and measures to address potential liquidity risks with the aim to enhance EuroCCP’s liquidity risk management framework and resilience.

Following feedback, a change has been made in the Regulation Liquidity Measures in respect of the look back period used to determine Qualifying Clearing Participants and to calculate the applicable Settlement Exposure Add-on Percentage. An uninterrupted period of three months instead of twelve months immediately prior to the Designation Date will be used to determine whether a Clearing Participant would qualify as Qualifying Clearing Participant. In addition,  the applicable look back period to calculate the Settlement Exposure Add-on Percentage will be changed from 12 months to 3 months as well.  This change will allow Clearing Participants to be sooner out of scope of the obligation to provide Settlement Exposure Add-on if the amount of liquidity risk brought to EuroCCP by that Clearing Participant has reduced over time.

Next to that a few clerical changes have been made in section 5 of the Regulation Liquidity Measures which we believe to be non-contentious. Apart from these adjustments no changes have been made to the versions that were published 21 April 2020.

The final versions of the updated CRB, the updated Regulation Trade Refusal and the new Regulation Liquidity Measures are now published on EuroCCP’s website. They will be in effect as of 1 July 2020.

Once more we would like to thank the Clearing Participants that have participated in the consultation.

For queries, please contact our Relationship Management department.