Deutsche Börse go-live 11 November 2019

EuroCCP is pleased to announce that regulatory approval was received to provide clearing services for trades executed on Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse (FWB), the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The service is planned to go-live from trade date 11 November 2019 on a Preferred CCP basis for shares and exchange traded funds on Xetra© (MIC: XETR).

To clear trades executed on Xetra© with EuroCCP, participants are required to:-

1 . Advise Deutsche Börse Key Account Manager (KAM) of your implementation plans

Trading firms admitted for trading at Deutsche Börse and wishing to adopt the “Preferred CCP” Model should contact Deutsche Börse Key Account Manager and complete the appropriate forms.

2 . Advise EuroCCP of your implementation plans

Trading firms wishing to benefit from the “Preferred CCP” Model should liaise with their Clearing Participant, who will contact EuroCCP’s Relationship Management department at to agree implementation plans and intended go-live date. EuroCCP will coordinate internally and make the necessary arrangements.

The following documentation should be completed and returned to:

Upon receipt of the forms and supporting information, EuroCCP will liaise with Deutsche Börse to ensure both Deutsche Börse and EuroCCP systems are configured accordingly.

3 . Complete testing with Deutsche Börse and EuroCCP

Clearing Participants must undertake testing prior to go-live.

Deutsche Börse and EuroCCP’s test environments are available for your testing requirements from  today.

A list of ISIN codes will be agreed bilaterally with each client for testing purposes, to ensure a smooth and successful test.

4 . Go live into the Production environment

After successful testing, clients can commence clearing with EuroCCP on the agreed go live date.

5 . Reporting changes

A new platform MIC XETR will be reported to all clients in the daily CIF file.

6 . Regulation changes

Currently, the following regulations have been updated for the purpose of clearing Deutsche Börse traded executed on Xetra using the “Preferred CCP” model.

7 . Direct Debit

In order to clear  Deutsche Börse trades, Clearing Participants will need to have  a direct debit authorisation in place.

There are two options available and they are as follows:

  1. Direct debit authorisation which allows EuroCCP to withdraw funds from the respective clearing participants’ Target account or;
  2. Direct debit authorisation which allows EuroCCP to withdraw funds from the respective clearing participants’ commercial bank account under the condition that the commercial bank account has an overdraft possibility.

8 . End of day timing

Upon the first clients going live, the end of day timing will move from 19:30 CET to approx. 20:30 CET. This will mean that the daily CIF will be issued to clients later than is currently in place.

For details on cost saving, please contact EuroCCP’s Relationship Management team to provide an assessment of the savings resulting from the consolidation of Deutsche Börse activity with EuroCCP.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.