Clearing Rule Book changes (consulation 20 March 2019)

EuroCCP has published an updated version of its Clearing Rule Book (“CRB”) on its website.

The changes primarily relate to a number of recovery tools which are included in EuroCCP’s recovery plan and which require the involvement of the Clearing Participants.

A memorandum outlining the changes to the CRB also been posted on EuroCCP’s website.

The changes to the CRB are open for consultation pursuant to article 3.7.3 of the CRB. The 30 calendar day consultation period ends on 18 April 2019.

The relevant provisions are expected to apply shortly after the end of the consultation period. Clearing Participants will be advised of the outcome of the consultation by newsflash following the consultation period.

All changes are subject to regulatory review and approval (if required).

Should you wish to take part in the consultation process or have questions relating to these changes, please contact the Legal and Compliance Department at