Euronext Dublin go-live 4th February 2019

EuroCCP is pleased to announce that Euronext Dublin has received regulatory approval to go live with EuroCCP as their Sole CCP for transactions executed on Euronext Dublin. Go-live is planned for trade date 4 February 2019.

Existing clients active on the Irish Stock Exchange, as well as new clients have successfully completed the documentation and mandatory testing in preparation for the go live.

In the Irish market, the post-trade process provides for reporting transactions as ‘Agency’ or ‘Principal’ capacity.  Please note that by default EuroCCP will convert all transactions executed with the AOTC-capacity as ‘Agency’. It is possible to amend the static data set-up to convert the transactions in an AOTC-capacity to ‘Principal’ if required. In order to change the default set-up option, please contact EuroCCP’s Client Services team.

If you would like more information on becoming active on Euronext Dublin please see our latest Newsflash distributed on 4 January 2019.