Updated Regulation Fees and Penalties

EuroCCP is pleased to announce a change to its Regulation Fees and Penalties that will come into effect on 1 July 2018.

The updated Regulation reflects the following changes:-

  • A supplementary clearing fee of EUR 0,015 (EUR 1,5 cents) for Oslo Børs trades cleared by EuroCCP,
  • A platform access connectivity fee of EUR 0,001 (Eur 0,1 cents) for all trades cleared by EuroCCP.  This fee will cover a proportion of the costs incurred to access new platforms,
  • Due to the successful migration of the German and Austrian markets to T2S and the subsequent processing efficiencies, EuroCCP will reduce the settlement fee in Austria from EUR 3.45 to EUR 1.50 and from EUR 1.65 to EUR 1.50 in Germany,
  • A reduction in the buy-in administration fee from EUR 150 to EUR 50, which is charged one day prior to the buy-in execution date, and
  • The buy-in execution / cash settlement fee of EUR 150 when the buy-in or cash settlement is actually triggered.

 The updated FIF specification document can be found here.