Euroclear Finland Infinity – Migration Weekend Dress Rehearsal

In advance of the production migration to Infinity release 2, Euroclear Finland has scheduled a Migration Weekend Dress Rehearsal (MWDR) for the weekend of 14 – 15 April 2018.

EuroCCP will participate in the MWDR for the Finnish market by uploading production activity in its client test environment which will be reflected in the associated reporting and messages provided by EuroCCP.

Migration Weekend Dress Rehearsal

The MWDR is scheduled as follows:-

Friday 13 April 2018
  • EuroCCP’s Client test environment will be cleaned for the Finnish market at close of business.
  • A copy of EuroCCP’s production activity for the Finnish market will be reflected in EuroCCP’s Client test environment.
Saturday 14 April to Sunday 15 April 2018
  • Migration Weekend Dress Rehearsal.
  • EuroCCP will reconcile migrated positions based on messages received from Euroclear Finland.
Monday 16 April 2018
  • First settlement date in the Infinity release 2 environment.
  • EuroCCP will submit settlement instructions with Intended Settlement Date (ISD) Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 April 2018 in the Infinity release 2 environment.  In addition, settlement instructions that failed to settle on Friday 13 April prior the MWDR, will be re-instructed in the Infinity release 2 environment. All settlement instructions will include the new SSIs in accordance with the Infinity release 2 specifications (once these are available).

Post Migration Weekend Dress Rehearsal free testing

From Monday 16 April to Wednesday 18 April 2018, Euroclear Finland will offer free testing in the Infinity release 2 environment. EuroCCP will process those trades received from the trading venues UAT environment in its client test environment and submit settlement instructions in the Infinity release 2 environment during this test period.

If different Standard Settlement Instructions are used for the EXT2 environment and the Infinity release 2 environment, Clearing Participants must inform EuroCCP of the specific Standard Settlement Instructions before Wednesday 11 April, for the free testing in the Infinity release 2 environment.

Settlement Agent Power of Attorney

Settlement instructions which are sent by EuroCCP to settlement agents under a Power of Attorney (PoA) will also be distributed during the MWDR at the same time that EuroCCP submits settlement instructions in Infinity release 2 environment. Clients wishing to participate in testing using these PoA instructions should instruct their settlement agents to process the swift MT54X messages received.

Reporting during MWDR from EuroCCPs client test environment

During the MWDR, EuroCCP’s CIF file will be generated and distributed from EuroCCP’s test environment as usual.