Successful T2S migration of the Austrian and German markets

We are pleased to announce that, following the successful migration of the Austrian and German market to the T2S platform on Sunday 5 February 2017, EuroCCP is now a Directly Connected Party to the T2S Platform for OeKB and Clearstream Banking Frankfurt.

This is another important milestone which demonstrates EuroCCP’s commitment to providing its clients with the most efficient access to local markets, which improves settlement efficiency and lowers cost. EuroCCP will continue to support direct access to  local markets and has committed to join the future T2S migration waves.

We are pleased to confirm that all settlement instructions that were pending prior to the migration weekend have now been successfully migrated to the T2S platform. The settlement instructions that were cancelled by the local CSD, prior the migration weekend, have been re-instructed by EuroCCP.

Settlement instructions with Trade Date Friday 3 February 2017 have been  instructed in the T2S platform.

At close of business Monday 6 February 2017, EuroCCP send the first settlement instructions to the T2S platform with Trade Date 6 February 2017 for Intended Settlement Date 8 February 2017.