Reducing Settlement Fails in Sweden

EuroCCP has released its White Paper – “Reducing Settlement Fails in Sweden“ – following consultation with its Nordic Advisory Council and the market (settlement agents, CCPs and Euroclear Sweden) through the Swedish Securities Dealers Association’s Settlement Efficiency working group.

Efficient and effective settlement is an integral part of the Central Counterparty service provided by EuroCCP and has been at the forefront during the implementation of TARGET2-Securities and the Spanish Market Reform.

Maximising settlement performance is a key priority for EuroCCP in all markets it operates in and, in the Swedish market, settlement performance has been a longstanding consideration.

As a consequence, specific analysis and recommendations for this specific market have been undertaken within a document that can serve as a basis for further discussion and issue resolution.

EuroCCP will continue to work closely with the market participants to ensure the recommendations assist with improving settlement efficiency in this market.