CCP Services & Enhanced SDRT Assessment Services from EUI

Following previous announcements, EuroCCP is pleased to confirm that its “Stamp Data Provider” (SDP) ID in CREST is EMCFNLKE.

Participants (or their settlement agents) should ensure that they nominate EuroCCP as SDP in CREST between 23 June and 27 June and are reminded that the latest version of the CREST GUI must be installed.  Given these changes, the updated version of EuroCCP’s Settlements and Corporate Actions Regulations are available in the Documentation Regulations section.

In addition, EuroCCP’s CREST Participant ID will change from EMCFX to ECCP on trade date 30 June.  As ECCP is a CCP participant in CREST, a “dummy” CREST clearing member ID of ZEUIC will be allocated to EuroCCP participants, as required by EUI, which will not be used for reporting purposes.

Participants are encouraged to consult EuroCCP’s Q&A section on the Enhanced SDRT Assessment service initiative.